We have Sculls, Pairs & Fours

062 Sunrise 16 August 2014
074 Sunrise 16 August 2014

Ardingly Rowing Club exists to provide opportunities for anyone in our area – regardless of age, race or ability – to participate in the sport of rowing at Ardingly Reservoir.

Ardingly Rowing Club provides all the necessary equipment, safety cover, coaching and other organisation required for Members to learn to row, scull, coach and cox, to improve their rowing, sculling, coxing and coaching ability, to train and to race.

There are 3 main categories of athlete within the Club:

  • Performance – train and race nationally and internationally (32 wins in 2013-14 season and 16 wins so far in 2014-15 season)
  • Development – preparing to race at top level
  • Beginners & Recreational – less intense rowing

Visit our website for more information.


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