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Please contact the fishing lodge  on 01444 892549 to buy a day ticket by credit or debit card. If you need any more advice call 01444 892549 or email

07/06/24  Carp 6 caught by one fisherman over night, best 25lbs.

03/06/24 Roach and bream in fence bay.

03/05/24 to 05/05/24 Carp 15lbs and 12lbsMill house end of Balcombe Arm, also 15 Lbs Common Carp , Stumps to Digby’s Bench 3 Carp various sizes.

30/04/24 Good Coarse fishing near Activity Centre

29/04/24 Large Carp 24lbs Balcombe Arm.

22/04/24 Pike 7 fish in 48 hours best 11, 12 and 17 lbs. Coarse fish Roach and Bream far side of the causeway.

15/04/24 Over 80 lbs of Roach and Bream on bank near Hammer point.

09/04/24   25 Pike caught by a pair of Season ticket holders 31 March to 7 April this includes 5 doubles with best 16lbs. 8 lbs pike also caught at Point before the Willows.

08/04/24 Roach and bream near Hammer point

21/03/24 Tench 5lbs Balcombe Arm

11/03/24 Pike 11lbs Bank opposite fishing Lodge.

05/03/24  Pike up Balcombe Arm 4 fish best 17lbs 12 oz.

19/02/24 Perch good fish on Hammer Point.

03/12/23 Pike 13 lbs and 9lbs Hammer point.

19/11/23  Carp Common 37lbs  near Digby’s bench, 2 x 10lbs Pike Balcombe Arm. Water at 65% and rising.

05/11/23 Carp 24lbs 6oz Balcombe Arm.

22/10/23 Carp 24 Lbs, 21Lbs, 19Lbs & 2x 18 Lbs . Pike 11lbs and jack.

08/10/23 Carp 33Lbs 2 oz also 2 x 14 Lbs.

01-08 /10/23 Pike 8 fish, best up to ll Lbs .

02/07/23 Good perch in Fence bay, Bags of Bream and mixed course fish up Balcombe arm.

25/06/23 Common carp about 20lbs Balcombe Arm. Water level down o.5 m so some extra bank area exposed.

10/06/2023  Good bags of Bream and Roach at Fence bay.

30/04 2023 8 pike out today , 2 x Double the rest Jacks. a pair of season ticket holders have caught over 100 pike this season.  PIKE SEASON ENDED , NO PIKE FISHING .

24/04/2023  Carp  Balcombe Arm , 13 Lbs common carp .

10/04/23 Pike best 15lbs also 4 other pike Balcombe Arm.

05/04/23 Pike 14 lbs and 2 jack pike.

19/03/23  pike 13lbs, 11lbs and 3 jack pike Balcombe Arm.

05/02/23 The reservoir has been full since Mid December. Pike 9lbs opposite the Fishing Lodge, 1x 10.5 lbs Point before willows,. A 14lbs & 7lbs Pike in the stumps and 2 jacks in Bird hide Bay. Some roach out in the week in fence bay.

09/10/22 Pike season started well 3 x doubles and one jack Hammer point, also 5 pike in the willows 2 x 14lbs, 1x12lbs and 2 Jacks.

11/09/22   South East Reservoir Championships 32 PEGS  top 5 catches  33lbs 6oz, 30lbs 4 oz, 30lbs 29lbs 4oz, and 29lbs 3oz.

,09/08/22 Good bags of coarse fish in the willows 40lbs + won the match .

27/03/22  Pike 2 x 12lbs, 13lbs and several jacks also range of pike up the Balcome Arm best about 11lbs.

11/03/22 Pike 4  fish with the best 14lbs in the willows.

06/03/22   5 x Jack Pike best Fish 10lbs, Good bream up the Balcombe Arm 5lbs and 7lbs Fish.

05/12/21 Over the last couple of week there have been various Carp caught in the Balcombe Arm up to about 30lbs. Good bags of coarse fish up to 30lbs of Roach, Perch and Bream from Balcombe Arm and fence bay area. Not many Pike fishermen but some have caught Jacks and also reports of Pike taking Roach as they were being reeled in.

07/11/21 Coarse fishing roach and bream opposite the lodge and down towards the willows, Carp fence bay and Balcombe Arm. Pike mainly 7 -10 Lbs Fish at the moment hammer point and opposite the lodge,

19/09/21 a number of mid double Carp up to 24lbs, Fishing match best bag 25lbs . Reminder Pike season ticket start 1st Oct and 1st Nov day tickets.

22/05/21  Common Carp 25lbs and Ghost Carp double  Balcombe Arm. Also Roach to 1.5 Lbs

06/03/2021 Day Ticket fishing will re-start on Friday 2nd April

08/01/21 Although the Anglers Trust has confirmed that limited fishing is allowed we will remain CLOSED for all ACTIVITIES , NO FISHING.

04/01/21 Due to LOCK DOWN 3 the Fishery is closed , NO FISHING until the restrictions are lifted.

2/01/21  Roach and Bream near old Bird Hide, 3lb Bream some Roach and Perch near Hammer Point /far Side of the Causeway.

31/12/20 Good coarse fishing fence bay with Roach and Bream also some fish from hammer point.

29/12/20 Great Coarse fishing in Fence bay  good Roach , Perch and bream.

18/12/20 Pike 20lbs 9oz caught near the Activity Centre.

24/11/20 Pike 15 lbs 9oz  near willows.

22/11/20  Coarse Fish 70lbs bag near willows with over 14 great Bream and also Perch.

12/11/20 Coarse fish 30lbs bag mixed fish but including good Bream all near causeway /fence bay side.

11/11/20 Coarse fish 20lbs bag near causeway.

27/10/20 Carp  19lbs common Balcombe Arm.

24/10/20 Coarse fish match best weight 21lbs, 18lbs, 15lbs all caught lowest 8lbs area from willows towards the causeway.

23 /10/20 Pike 2 x 11lbs and jacks

21/10/20Pike 15lbs, 9lbs, 6lbs and 5lbs on dead Bait Hammer Point.

20/10/20 Pike 20lbs and 15lbs on dead Bait near Willows.

18/10/20 Pike 12lbs, 9,lbs and 3 lbs.

23/08/20 Fishing match best bag 60 lbs next best over 50lbs mixed coarse fish. Also 2 good carp out.

16/08/20  Fishing match Best bag 36lbs mixed coarse fish, most other bags around 20lbs.

14/08/20  Carp 3 fish  best 25 lbs plus .

15/07/20 Fishing match, 12 Anglers best weight  22lbs last place 17lbs area willows to causeway.

09/07/20 Fishing match 52lbs coarse fish winning weight area willows to causeway.

07/07/20 Common and Mirror carp 25lbs main body of reservoir.

06/07/20 Mixed Coarse fish bags 30lbs Open bank

03 /07/20 Carp 35lbs and 30lbs Main body of reservoir.

02/07/20 Carp 14lbs near Hammer point.

22/06/20  Coarse fish 80Lbs bag on causeway area.

14/06/20 Open Bank Balcombe arm good bags of mixed coarse fish Roach, Rudd and Bream.

11/06/20  Bream / skimmers and very good Roach far end of Balcombe  Arm.

Peg 88 good bream and some Roach, Old pond coarse fish.

10/06/20  Mixed coarse fish 40lbs, 20lbs and 15lbs near willows.

08/06/20  Bream 60 lbs bag of  mainly bream Balcombe Arm.

07/06/20 Carp 2 fish over 20lbs main body of Reservoir, 15lbs carp near Digby’s bench.Perch and roach by Fishing Lodge, Bream and skimmers willows.

16/05/20 Over 60 fish Bream most between 2 -4Lbs to three anglers on Open bank of Balcombe Arm. Skimmers far end of Balcombe Arm.  Some catching Coarse fish far side of the causeway.

15/05/20 Common carp over 30lbs and 11lbs Balcombe Arm, Lots of Coarse fish on open bank Balcombe Arm.

14/05/20 mirror carp south of old bird hide, perch Fishing lodge area also willows and Hammer point. Good bag of mixed coarse fish open bank of arm.

13/05/20  30 plus Bream 1-4lbs wooded section of Balcombe Arm, Perch and Carp open bank of Arm.

11/05/20 Coarse fishing at Ardingly will re-open at 0700 on Wednesday 13th May for season ticket holders and day tickets (which Must be obtained before fishing).  This is subject to the Government guidelines details are on the Anglers Trust website. To Buy a day ticket please call 01444 892549 with credit or debit card details.

24/03/20 All fishing now closed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

23/03/20 Pike about 12lbs Balcombe Arm.

22/03/20 Coarse fish from wall next to lodge, Large bream Balcombe Arm also bream and Roach from Causeway area, 4 Jack Pike.

21/03/20 Bank fishing open all other activities Closed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

13/01/20  Pike 12 Lbs and 10lbs on dead bait Balcombe Arm.

12/01/20  Coarse fish 6 x Bream, also Roach and perch Balcombe Arm. Pike 14Lbs caught on Dead bait by Boat fishermen.

10/01/20 Coarse fish on Hammer Point.

08/01/2020  Pike 15lbs and Pike 9 lbs caught on dead bait near fishing lodge. . A few perch,roach and bream caught in the willows.

30/12/19 Reservoir Full, Bank and boat fishing has been slow over the last couple of weeks due to heavy rain and coloured water. Some jack Pike and coarse fish with larger carp seen but not caught.

01/12/19 Roach, Bream and perch open bank Balcombe Arm.

30/11/19 Carp 25lbs Common and 23lbs Mirror Carp Hammer point.

14/11/19 Jack Pike x 3 all around 10lbs Bank opposite the Lodge.

09/11/19 16lbs Mirror Carp from near to Digby’s Bench.

03/11/19 Carp 21Lbs Common also 3 Common Carp around 18Lbs Balcombe Arm. Pike opposite lodge.

27/10/19  Carp 22 lbs and 21 lbs Common Digby’s /Arm, 19Lbs Common Carp Near Causeway. Pike 17lbs and 9Lbs pike willows, 11lbs Pike point before willows.

26/10/19  Pike 9lbs and 5Lbs from Point before Willows.

20/10/19  Bream 25lbs bag in willows on corn and maggot, 17lbs bag skimmers also near willows, pike Hammer point.

19/10/19 Bream to bank fishermen, shoals of Bream Balcombe Arm. Jack pike to bank and boats.

06/10/19  Carp Common and Mirror various from 13 to 18 Lbs Balcombe Arm. 9 Pike up to 9lbs all on Lures opposite Lodge.

08/09/19 Coarse fish far side of causeway and near Old Pond. perch to boat fisherman.

07/09/19 Great Coarse Fishing Over 100lbs of fish in one session near to causeway, also 13lbs Carp near Digbys bench.

11/08/19 Fishing match  Woldingham Club  fishing main Body of Ardingly Reservoir …Best 4 weights Tony 51lbs 9oz, Phil 37lbs 10oz, Martin 31lbs 8oz, Keith 24 lbs 12 oz

11/08/19 Carp 31lbs near causeway, 2 x Carp 17lbs and 13 Lbs Balcombe Arm. Good roach and mixed coarse fishing.

06/07/19  Great perch 100lbs of Perch in each boat from across the reservoir.

02/06/19 Best catch 131lbs , 55 fish (Bream and Perch) on feeder and pole,  2nd place 15lbs, 3rd place 13lbs.

24/05/19 Bream and Roach bag up to 100 lbs by 1400, near causeway.

15/05/19 Bream and roach bag up to 150 Lbs in a day, near causeway.

10/05/19 Bream up to 7lbs in Fence bay

05/05/19 Common Carp near to causeway good Fish.

01/05/19 Bream 40 Lbs bag at Digby’s, End of Pike Season NO Pike Fishing.

14/04/19 Pike 15lbs Balcombe Arm, Pike 13lbs and Jack to Boat, 12lbs Pike and roach.

07/04/19 Carp common 20lbs and 12 lbs Balcombe Arm, Pike 18lbs, 12lbs and Jacks willows, Boats perch and jacks on lures also 2x 10lbs pike

31/03/2019 Pike 16lbs to boat fisherman on fly, 2 x 12 lbs pike  on off wall by lodge.

22/03/19 and 23/03/19  Common Carp 31lbs Balcombe Arm, 14 lbs Common Arm, also Pike 17 lbs and Jacks. Perch and Bream (67 cm ).Hammer Point

21/03/19 Pike 12 lbs and 10 Lbs on dead bait open bank, also jack from boats

07/03/19 Pike 7lbs willows

06/03/19 Pike 5lbs Willows

05/03/19 Pike 10lbs Willows and 12lbs

02/03/19 Pike 8lbs Old Pond dead bait

28/02/19 Pike 13lbs 8oz Willows

21/02/19 Pike over 10Lbs on Mac dead bait from Activity Centre Quay

17/02/19 Pike 10lbs 12oz bank opposite the lodge

15/02/19 Pike 8lbs and 10lbs to boat fishermen. Reservoir almost full.

03/02/19 Pike 10lbs Willows on dead bait.

26/01/19 Pike 14lbs 8oz and Jack on Dead bait

28/12/18 Pike 11lbs and 9lbs  dead bait near Willows

24/12/18 9lbs Pike point before Willows

16/12/18 Pike willows 16lbs, 5lbs, 10lbs and 6lbs.

Some of Nov /Dec Report  lost from the site !

27/10/18  Good Carp 26 lbs and 24 lbs near Hammer point,

11/08/18 Hammer Point 100lbs of coarse fish Bream to 4lbs, good roach and perch.

12/06/18 Great bags of perch to boat fishermen in shallows on bank opposite the lodge.

08/06/18  35lbs bag of coarse fish in half a day near “Eel City”, also 34lbs Carp Balcombe Arm.

03/06/18 Excellent course fishing with good bags of Perch, roach and bream to both bank and boat fishing over the last few weeks. New Season ticket available.

27/04/18  9Lbs Bream Hammerpoint,7lbs 6oz Tench, 14lbs Carp Near Mill end of Balcombe Arm.

08/04/18  Pike 16Lbs 9 oz, and 18lbs 2 oz on dead bait on bank opposite the lodge also 14 lbs Pike open bank Balcombe Arm.  fish feeding after spawning.

07/04/18 Pike 11lbs on bank by causeway , 7 jacks and a perch to boat fishermen, Good bream up Balcombe Arm.

02/04/18 Bream Balcombe Arm

26/03/18 Pike 18lbs Balcombe Arm

23/03/18 Pike 14lbs 8oz willows also 2 jacks, 6 other jacks from around the reservoir.

3/03/18 Pike 12lbs  4oz and 7lbs 11oz from willows on dead bait.

2/03/18 Fishing still open NO ICE on main part of the reservoir, some ice at the far end of the Balcombe Arm.

23/02/18 Pike in the Willows area 13lbs 8oz, 8 lbs, 5 lbs. 11/02/18 Pike 19lbs Willows also 8lbs Pike Willows area.

04/02/18 Pike 8lbls Willows area on Dead bait. Also 4 jacks on Lures from boats. 03/02/18 Pike  9lbs on dead bait Point before the Willows .

01/02/18 Good coarse fishing from the Quay by the lodge, 12 bream with some up to 3 to 4Lbs and 20 + Roach.

20/01/18    16lbs  Pike on bank, 2x Jack, Boats one Jack and a 10lbs pike on Lure.

14/01/18 Over the weekend Pike as follows 15lbs on dead bait point before Willows, 2 x Jack Pike and a 12lbs pike on dead bait in the willows.

12/01/18 Coarse fish causeway/ willows. Pike 18lbs 120z ban opposite the lodge on dead bait. 04/01/18 Pike 18lbs 12oz bank opposite the lodge on dead bait, Coarse fish on causeway.

30/12/17 Pike 12lbs caught by boat fishing . 07/12/17 Pike 9lbs willows. 06/12/17 Pike 13lbs 8oz dead bait of Wall by Lodge, also Jack pike bank opposite the lodge. 03/12/17 Pike 12lbs 6oz Hammer point on dead bait. 06/11/17 Two Boats reported good Perch fishing, Balcombe bank best area. 05/11/17 Pike Stumps area of Arm 14lbs and 7lbs caught on Roach dead bait. Jacks from Willows and Perch to Boat fishermen. 02/11/17 Pike 2x 12lbs Hammerpoint and Balcombe Arm also 6 Jack between 3lbs and 8lbs. 31/10/17 Perch up to 2lbs, and jack Pike to boat fishermen. 30/10/17 Pike 8lbs near Boat park. 29/10/17 Bream to 4lbs up the Balcombe Arm, Pike 15lbs near causeway caught on Dead bait also  various Jack pike around the Reservoir. 22/10/17  19lbs Pike Willows and various Jack pike . Also  I double and Jacks from the Open bank. 13/10/17 Roach and Bream Reeds area up Balcombe Arm. Lots of Perch to boat Fisherman just off Lodge and near Valve Tower. 10/10/17 Pike 18Lbs 8oz and 18lbs 6oz  by same angler on half Mackerel at Point before Willows 09/10/17 Jack Pike out to boat fishermen. 08/10/17  Pike 15lbs out to dead bait Hammer point , 3 Pike opposite the Lodge, Perch to one and a half pounds from boat, all other boats caught Jacks. 0710/17 Pike 7 fish on bank opposite the lodge Best 18lbs 10z , Bream on open bank from 2-4lbs also Carp out between Digby’s and Open bank. 01/10/17 Pike season started for season tickets 8 Jacks and doubles out on first day from willows to causeway. 22/09/17 More than a dozen Bream average 3lbs off wall in front of the Fishing Lodge, 12lbs Common Carp down Arm. 15/09/17 Tench  6lbs 2oz Balcombe Arm,  Common Carp 11Lbs on the Open Bank, 12/09/17 The summer has seen some great fishing with the water levels well up. Recent catches, some excellent Perch from end of boat park. Various Carp both Mirrors and Common between 17lbs and  33lbs from the Balcombe Arm and Main Body of reservoir. Good bags of Bream and course fish in Willows and  far side of the Causeway. Pike season tickets  start 1st October and  Pike day tickets  start 1st November. 22/07/ 17 Carp 7lbs Mirror, 17Lbs Common Balcombe Arm. 16/07/17 Carp 17lbs Mirror Balcombe Arm , 23 lbs 8oz Common carp Balcombe Arm, Good bags of coarse fish willows 10/06/17 Carp 15lbs, 16lbs and 17lbs 09/06/17 Tench 10 lbs great fish . 02/06/17  Good Perch Bird Hide and Balcombe bank.   Common Carp over 30lbs Balcombe Arm. 28/05/17 Carp over the last few weeks 13lbs, 17lbs and 3 over 20lbs. Also good Perch by activity centre, Balcombe bank, and willows. 11/04/17 Pike  13lbs, 7lbs and 5lbs on dead bait in willows, also a range of pike on lures in boat. 10/04/17 19lbs Pike on dead bait just reported, Coarse fish Roach and bream willows and Balcombe Arm 27/03/17 21lbs Pike on dead bait from Balcombe Arm. 16/03/17 Bream and roach off quay next to Activity Centre. 15/03/17 3 x Jack Pike Hammer Point in the shallow water 10/03/17 Tench 6lbs 8oz near Digby’s bench Balcombe Arm, also 2 Jack pike. 5/03/17 Pike 18lbs Balcombe Arm. 26/02/17 Pike jacks on bank over last few days , 1 x8lbs pike and 2 jacks on Lures by boat fishermen. Water 95%. 18/02/17 Reservoir water level now at 91%, Pike 3 jacks on lures form boat, 1 x 8lbs from wall on dead bait, 1x 9lbs willows on dead bait. 03/02/17 No Ice ! Water Level rising rapidly 24/01/17 Fishing possible on main body of reservoir, Balcombe Arm Frozen. 20/01/17 Pike 15lbs, also Jacks to boat. 11/01/17 Pike 25lbs 2oz and 20lbs on dead bait by reeds before willows swim. 08/01/17 Pike 5 x Jack pike on dead baits bank opposite lodge to near side causeway. Also 23lbs pike from earlier weekend 1st Jan reported. 31/12/16 Pike 20lbs near Willows, also 14lbs, 13 lbs dead bait, 9 lbs and 6lbs. 30/12/16 best fishing by boat today 19lbs Pike and 2 x Jack pike on dead baits dam wall end of Reservoir. Also 16lbs Pike on Hammer point. 29/12/16 Big Pike 26lbs with photo, on dead bait, bank opposite to the fishing lodge. Also Pike 101lb , Pike 6lbs Willows, Pike Jack near causeway. 28/12/16 Pike 5 x jacks some boat some bank. 22/12/16 Pike 10lds on dead bait. 1712/16 Pike in willows 2 x jack, 1 x 12 lbs and 1x 13 Lbs on dead baits. 04/12/16 Pike 20lbs on lure from boat, also 10lbs and jack on Lures from boat. 22/11/16 Jack pike 5 to 10 lbs out by boat and bank and some coarse fish. A very large Pike over 30lbs reported checking for proof ! Water level rising it has come up by 3% in last few days. 06/11/16  Over the last week we have had good bags of Roach and perch. A bank fisherman on the “point before Willows ” had a 11lbs, 14lbs and 11lbs Pike. There was a 16lbs Pike for a boat Fisherman near the bird hide also a number of jacks on Lures and Fly. 22/10/16 Over the last week lots of Jacks but today a boat fisherman caught 22lbs 8oz Pike on a lure, also 17lbs and 7lbs pike on Lure. Some roach out near the lodge. 17/10/16 18lbs Pike out to boat fisherman near Rowing Jetty. 20/09/16 Over the last couple of months we have see some excellent catches of coarse fish. The Roach and bream have been improving daily with over 60 to 100 roach being caught by good anglers in a day. The bream have also been very good.  Both Bank and boat fishing has worked for the coarse fish.Best areas are by the lodge, Willows,  Far side of the causeway and open bank Balcombe Arm. Those who need to know about the carp are aware of the fish that have been caught. Pike Season starts 01/10/16 for season ticket holders and 01/11/16 for Day Tickets. 09/05/16 Good Coarse fishing ….very good perch fishing next to the Lodge bank or boat. PIKE  SEASON OVER. 30/04/16 Probably the best pike of the year out ….no scales to confirm weight but estimate 27 to 30 Lbs great photo. 23/04/16  Over the last few day we have the following :- Boats 22lbs Pike, 15 lbs and 11lbs pike all on lures in the shallows, also lots of Jacks one boat had 7 fish. On the bank Balcombe Arm 18lbs, and 17lbs Pike on dead baits, also Open Bank 20 lbs Pike,  and in the Willows  15lbs Pike and 2lbs Perch. 19/04/16 Pike 13lbs 9oz from boat on smelt, also 8lbs and 5lbs pike same boat. 18/04/16  pike 7lbs bank  also perch up Balcombe Arm 03/04/16  33lbs common carp caught on causeway, good coarse fishing up Balcombe arm . Boat fishing 5x Perch and 7 x jack Pike on Lures, also boat  8 x Jack pike on lure 05/03/16 Pike over 27lbs caught of wall/quay by fishing lodge, the scales only went to 27lbs so we are not sure how big it was ! 13/02/16 Pike 24 lbs caught  off wall/quay by fishing lodge, Some great roach being caught wooded section of Balcombe Arm … Fishermans quote” caught a superb Roach about Pound and a half great fish looked like it had never been caught before.” 28/01/16 Pike 20lbs caught on Roach dead bait wall/quay by fishing Lodge. Jacks in willows. 24/01/16 Mixed bags of coarse fish from Quay next to the Fishing Lodge. 15lbs Pike in the Willows and 19lbs Pike near the valve tower. 05/01/16 The reservoir is now full, there are some new swims on “Old Pond”, Hammer Point and Reeds. Some good pike 23lbs, 22lbs and 20lbs as well as lots of fish 10 to 15lbs. Willows and bank opposite the lodge have been good areas in the last week. Boat fishing on a lure has also proved productive. Carp fishing… 4 good fish out recently. Special offer for season ticket holders bring a friend fishing in January for half price, day ticket £5.50(day time only). 30/01/15 Reservoir still clear of Ice 26/01/15 Some good Roach from boat park quay. 25/01/15 Pike Jack from boat park quay, also Jack from boat on a lure. 24/01/15 Pike 12lbs Open bank, Jack from Boat on a lure. 20/01/15 Pike 22lbs 14oz near Willows. 16/01/15 Pike 19lbs 12oz from willows. 11/01/15 Jack Pike from Boat, Jack from Boat House Wall and from Hammer point (caught on Lure). 10/01/15 News… Hot refreshments available at weekends delivered to your swim, Place your order by ringing 01444 892549 before 0930 and it will be delivered to your swim by boat around 11.00. Bacon roll and tea or coffee £3.00, Bacon and egg roll and tea or coffee £3.50, Doughnuts or Cookies £0.70. 09/01/15 22Lbs 12oz Pike and 12lbs 11ozPike out between Willows and Causeway. 08/01/2015 Two Jack pike out to boat fishermen on Lures. 03/01/2015 some good coarse fishing from the quay side at the fishing lodge, some jacks out to bank and boat. Best reported fish for 2015 19lbs pike. Limited Pike and carp season tickets available until the end of the season 30 April (Pike) and 31st May Carp. [/box]

25/11/14 Ardingly Reservoir now full, Boat fishing available, fish the areas the bank fishermen can’t get to, please call 01444 892549 to book. 21/11/14 Pike over 22lbs in the last week and excellent Carp, good roach and bream near causeway. Limited fishing reports will be posted but no detail of Carp size will be given. For details of latest fishing report call 01444 892549 We are not updating the report on line at the moment. 06/07/14 26lbs Common Carp near hammer point. 25/05/14 21lbs Common Carp. 24/05/14 28lbs Common Carp, 19lbs Common Carp Balcombe Arm 23/05/14 21lbs Mirror carp, 12 lbs Common carp Balcombe Arm 27/04/14 Pike 3 x jack about 7lbs to boats. 25/04/14 Pike 20lbs, 8lbs and 5lbs Balcombe Arm 21/04/14 8lbs Carp, 15,10,and 12lbs Pike caught by Season Ticket holders. Perch and bream to day anglers. 12/04/14 Pike caught by season tickets in the last few days, 15lbs, boat, 8lbs and 14lbs fly fishing from boat, 13 fish up to 11lbs in one day from boat also Perch 2lbs 10oz, 12 lbs, 11lbs, 10lbs and 4 x joey from boat. 30/03/14 Pike 23 lbs on mackerel, 9lbs pike and Jack also Jack near Dam wall. Pike Season Ends 31/03/14 for day tickets. Coarse day tickets all year round. 29/03/14 Pike 1 x17lbs, 1 x9lbs from boat. 22/03/14 Balcombe Arm 11lbs 2 oz, 10lbs, 7lbs Pike also good mixture coarse fish Roach, Rudd, Perch, Bream and 3 Jack pike to boat Fishermen. 08/03/14 Pike 14lbs,7lbs and 4.5lbs near willows, Boat fishing pike 7lbs & 4.5 lbs. 01/03/14 Pike 14 lbs 10oz near Causeway also 12lbs 8oz Pike and a jack in fence bay 23/02/14 Pike 15lbs and 7lbs caught between open bank Balcolme Arm and Mill. 3lbs pike willows. 22/02/14 Pike 20lbs 2oz caught on dead bait near Causeway also 5lbs Pike up Balcombe Arm 08/02/14 Pike 10lbs on sardine form boat park wall. 02/02/14 Pike 12lbs from bank. 01/02/14 Pike 24lbs caught from boat park wall using a sardine 26/01/14 Pike 10lbs from boat park wall 15/01/14 Pike 23lbs caught from bank on Sardine between reeds and willow also 9lbs pike same area. 11/01/2014 Pike 19lbs 6oz from the boat park, also 17lbs pike Balcombe Arm and 14lbson Joey Mack near Willows. One jack Bird hide, Good Bream and Roach from boat park wall.
05/01/13 11lbs Pike on Lamprey near Willows, roach and bream from boat park. 29/12/13 Pike 17 lbs 10oz near fence bay, Roach near Willows. Reservoir Full 01/12/13 Pike 11lbs on dead bait and Jack near mill, also 2 x jack from boats. 17/11/13 2 x Jack pike bank with Lures. 16/11/13 3 x Jacks up to 7lbs in boats. 09/11/13 1x Jack Pike 1 x 12lbs Pike Hammer point area also 1 x Jack Balcombe Arm. 03/11/13 2x Pike Jacks Hammer point 19/10/13 1 x 16lbs 7oz Pike Willows and 16 lbs Pike willows on dead bait.3 18/10/13 3 x jacks pike to boat fishermen. 15/10/13 3 x Jack Pike up to 8lbs willows and 2 jack pike near peg 88. 09/10/13 12lbs Pike on Trout dead bait Digby’s bench, 15lbs 20z and 15lbs pike near hammer point. 07/10/13 11lbs Pike Hammer Point, Please make sure you have the right equipment before fishing and obtain a day ticket before you fish and make a fishing report at the end of the day. Night fishing is only for Season Ticket holders. 06/10/13 10lbs pike in willows, 4lbs and 2lbs Pike on Dead bait near Digby’s bench, 19lbs Pike near willows, also 6 fish to boat up to 10lbs. 05/10/13 Mirror Carp 19lbs 4oz near old Pond, Also 18lbs, 6lbs and 8lbs Pike in Bird Hide Bay. 04/10/13 8lbs and 4lbs pike from boats on Lures. 01/10/13 Pike season starts 14lbs, 7lbs, 5lbs Pike near willows on dead bait. 28/09/13 12 lbs Carp also some good coarse fishing. 08/09/13 over the last couple of days 35lbs Mirror Carp, 21lbs Common Carp and 12lbs Common Carp. 03/09/13 Recent catches include bags of mixed course fish up the arm to over 100lbs in a session, also 32lbs Mirror Carp confirmed. 09/06/13 Recent reports include good catches roach and bream, Common carp 27lbs, 20lbs, 18 lbs, Tench 8lbs 11 oz and 7lbs more reports will follow. 11/04/13 2 pike about 10lbs near willows. 07/04/13 Jack pike to boat , Roach and Bream caught from next to fishing lodge. 31/03/13 20lbs 6ozCommon Carp, 15lbs and 2x 13lbs Mirror Carp, Balcombe Arm 30/03/13 17lbs Pike, 29/03/13 18lbs pike near willows also jack. 23/03/13 15lbs Common Carp near Digby’s Bench, No Ice on Reservoir. 16/03/13 Now confirmed 24Lbs Pike Hammer point ( 02/03/13) 10lbs and 13lbs pike between Williows and causeway 16/03/13. 09/03/13 2x Jack near dam, boat 1x Jack, Point before willows 1 x Jack, 1 x Jack Digbys bench 01/03/13 15lbs 4oz,12 lbs, 9lbs Pike all out near Willows. 19/02/13 11lbs Pike off quay next to fishing lodge. 18/02/13 20lbs Pike on herring near Willows, also 10lbs pike. 03/02/13 20lbs 12oz Pike on herring fence bay, 10lbs pike , also 8lbs pike near Mill 02/02/13 12lbs and 8lbs Pike Point before willows, 8lbs pike willows 27/01/13 2 Pike 7 or 8 lbs, No ice , Water very coloured due to heavy rain mill end of Balcombe Arm. 26/01/13 Jack pike 21/01/13 No fish reported, main body of reservoir clear from ice. 17/01/13 Two 11lbs Pike caught near life belt fence bay. 15/01/13 12.5lbs Pike near willows on dead bait. 13/01/13 20lbs Pike caught on a popup dead bait between willows an fence bay also jack, good runs but fish lost by boat and bank anglers ! 11/01/13 14.25lbs pike and 11lbs pike on dead bait on bank between reed bed and willows. 07/01/13 Just received confirmed report 28.5Lbs Pike and 15.4lbs pike caught 03/01/13 near the open bank Balcome Arm by a season ticket holder using a dead bait smelt/roach. 06/01/13 Pike 16.5lbs near old Pond on dead bait also Jacks Mill and Causeway. 04/01/13 Two season ticket holders catching mixed coarse fish of quay by the fishing lodge. 03/01/13 Jack Pike and coarse fish in willows 01/01/13 A good start to the New Year, 17.5lbs Pike caught near willows ona Lamprey, Balcombe Arm still coloured.
29/12/12 Pike low double to boat fishermen main body of reservoir. 27/12/12 22lbs Pikecaught on dead bait near Fence Bay, area near Mill coloured. 05/12/12 18lbs pike on copper spoon 03/12/12 16lbs pike on dead bait 02/12/12 10 Lbs pike on dead bait near Mill. 28/11/12 18 Lbs 11oz Pike caught on dead bait Balcombe Arm 18/11/12 Jack Pike in willows, and open bank, also 14lbs Common carp. 10/11/12 Lots of Jack pike out in the last week also one 8lbs Carp. E.A Checking tickets on bank be sure to obtain a rod license. 21/10/12 Over the weekend 6 Pike , 5 x Jack to boats and one16lbs pike on the bank. 17/10/12 A significant ( over 20lbs) Common carp and at least 5 pike with one double in the last 7 days. 10/10/12 Coarse fishinbg fair with bags of bream up to 30lbs Balcome arm in the last week. 9 pike out to boats in the last 48hrs. 02/10/12 Start of the new pike saeson yesterday 2 fish 1 x 13lbs on bank and 1 x Jack to the boat, Day tickets available. for pike and coarse. 07/07/12 Access to swims cleared, good day ticket catches, willows, fence bay, open bank Balcombe arm and bird hide. 11/06/12 The resrevoir is Full, good fishing. day ticket available. 20/05/12 The reservoir is almost full. 16/03/12 Fishing reports will not be updated until the start of the new fishing season. After a very good season the season tickets will be allocated to present members renewing first and then to a limited number of new applicants. Day tickets will continue as before. 10/03/12 pike x 3 all about 8lbs also 4 lost. 09/03/12 Carp 20lbs Common 03/03/12 Carp 26lbs near Digby’s Bench, also Mirror Carp 17lbs open bank. 03/03/12 Pike 17 lbs dead bait and jack to boat, Balcombe Arm pike 9lbs and 4lbs Lures, boat park are Jack. 01/03/12 Pike 1x 9lbs,1x12lbs 1x4lbs Near Fence bay also 1x11lbs and 1 Jack and 3 lost. Please supply a fishing report so we can keep others informed. 26/02/12 Pike 18lbs. 15/01/12 Pike from boat 8lbs also 2 jacks 14/01/12 Pike 16lbs, 12lbs on mackrel 6lbs and 5lbs on lure near Causeway. Pike 8lbs on smelt near old pond. 07/01/12 Pike 25lbs caught hammer point /arm just reported ! 02/01/12 Pike 15lbs and 12 lbs dead bait.
10/12/11 Pike 17lbs caught on mackrel dead bait near end of boat park. 04/12/11 Pike 20lbs 6oz caught on dead bait, also 6lbs Eel, 6lbs pike, 5lbs pike etc. 03/12/11 Pike 10lbs caught, water level rising slowly. 27/11/11 Pike over 22lbs caight near willows area, picture will follow on fishing page. 20/11/11 2 x boat fishermen caught 3 fish best pike 9lbs, 16 lbs pike near causeway on dead bailt also 5lbs jack, 2lbs perch. 10/11/11 Enviroment Agency Re stock Ardinglywith fish from Wakehurst. 29/10/11 Pike 14lbs on roach dead bait,in vacinity of Willows. Pike out from boat 2 approx 14lbs on lurse also 3 x jack. other fish lost 5 to bank fishermen ! 27/10/11 Pike out from boat on dead bait, bets 14lbs also 2 jacks. 17/10/11 Pike out to bank and boats most fish low doubles, 12 and 13 lbs caught on dead bait from boatbest reported fish of the day. Water level very low. 01/09/11 22lbs Common Carp and 13lbs near to Digby’s Bench 29/08/11 5lbs Tench and good Perch in vacinity of causway. 17/08/11 Common Carp 11lbs, also 5 fish up to 18lbs in previous 8 sessions. 14/08/11 Mirror Carp 35lbs 2 oz Balcombe Arm also 18lbs. 10/08/11 East Grinstead Match , Reeds to peg 88 60Lbs,52lbs,41lbs bream and roach. The environment Agency are doing random spot checks for illegal fishing and checking rod licences, a reminder that No fish may be taken from the water. 04/08/11 East Grinstead match Reeds to peg 88 47lbs,28lbs and 27 lbs bream and roach. Other catching but few reporting their catches.! 03/08/11 East grinstead match , Reed to peg 88, 46lbs, 32lbs and 27 lbs Bream and Roach 28/07/11 East Grinstead match , Reeds to peg 88, 33lbs, 25lbs, and 23lbs Mostly roach with a few bream. 27/07/11 East grinstead match Reeds to peg 88, 71Lbs, 56lbs and 45Lbs mainly bream with a few roach. 24/07/11 19lbs 6 oz Common carp near side causeway. 21/07/11 East grinstead match reeds /hammer point, 51lbs 14 oz, 49lbs 14 oz and 26 lbs 8oz, bream and skimmers. 20/07/11 East grinstead Match Reeds area/Hammer point 41lbs 12 oz, 41lbs 8oz, 36lbs bream and skimmers. 14/07/11 East Grinstead Match Hammer point to peg 88, Good catches… 64 lbs, 37lbs and 32lbs bags on the feeder maily Bream, Also 12lbs Carp and 16 lbs carp reported in week. 10/07/11 20lbs carp near causeway, 16lbs Carp open bank. 25/06/11 15lbs common carp near causeway, very goog coares fishing far side of causeway perch, roach to 1.5 lbs, many large bream. 16/05/11 38lbs winning weight EG match 4/05/11,East Grinstead match 11/05/11 7 anglers, 34Lbs,26Lbs, 19Lbs, in the last few days good roach to 1.5lbs, Tench 6lbs,13lbs mirror carp on boilie. 07/05/11 In the last couple of weeks the coarse fishing has been very good with most anglers catching, they have not always been good at reporting thier catches ! We have had at least one significant Carp over 30lbs, with 3 carp caught by one angler the best being 16 Lbs, a 17lbs Common carp in the vacinity of the stumps 6 lbs bream reported in several locations.a 6lbs tench up at the Mill. We are awaiying the results from a match by East Grinstead Angling Club. Details of the New season ticket prices will be on the site in the next few days. 17/04/11 15lbs 7oz Common Carp balcombe arm,26 fish to two fishermen in reeds with bream to 5lbs, 12lbs and 11lbs + 3 other pike also perch from two boats, 13lbs pike in willows. 16/04/11 10 pike from 3 boats, jacks and low doubles. 11/04/11 3 pike in boat. 10/04/11 10 x pike in boats, Open bank balcombe arm 14x bream, 10 bream, bird hide bay 3 bream. 09/04/11 Fence bay Bream up to 6lbs,Pike in boats 1x16lbs on lure, 1 x jack, causeway 3 pike on mackrel 5 to 10lbs, bird hide bay 1 pike on herring 04/04/11 Night fishing for season ticket holder who have completed night fishing application form re starts contact centre for details. 02/04/11 Pike 1 x 14Lbs + 1x 6lbs, Boats 8 fish up to 15Lbs, Boat 3 jacks, Birdhide bay 2 x Jack on trout dead bait, 1 x 14lbs pike on mackrel, Balcombe Arm Bream to 3lbs. 20/03/11 Pike from Boats 11 fish from 3 boats, 6and a half lbs tench old pond. 19/03/11 Pike 11lbs on smelt open bank, 8lbs and Jack 14/03/11 pike 10lbs 14 oz Balcombe arm and pike 8 lbs 13 oz causway 12/03/11 pike 11lbs causeway 10/03/11 four pike out willows 07/03/11 Warmer weather has improved fishing, some fish both coarse and pike out most days. 26/01/2011 reservoir full, coarse fishing improving with good bream approx 5lbs and roach, best pike of last few days 15Lbs. 14/01/2011 Reservoir approx 1 meter from full, water coloured up the Balcombe Arm, No ice, Fishing slow but not many brave enough to try ! 02/01/2011 All ice has gone from the main part of the reservoir. The Balcombe Arm still has some areas which have ice.
Thursday 30 Dec Most of the ice has gone from the main part of the Reservoir, Fishing is available from opposite the lodge to the willows, also from Hammer point to peg 88 and up the arm near the open bank /Digby’s bench. Some fishermen returned today report to follow. Monday 27 Dec 2010 There has been no fishing for the last week. The Reservoir is frozen however the main part of the reservoir is now thawing and there are some ice free areas. For an update call01444 892549 or e mail Good tench (approx 6lbs and 7lbs) fishing in vicinity of Old Pond, also good bream on Open Bank of Balcombe Arm Sunday 15 August 2010 94 lbs bag wins East Grintead Anglers Club Match.. Friday 23 July 2010 Reservoir level down about 6 feet all areas of Fishing bank now have good access. Excellent bags of coarse fish, Balcombe arm open bank, Bird Hide bay and all along to peg88, also good by causeway depending upon wind direction. Sunday 25 April 2010 Open bank 14lbs 4 oz Pike and Jack, Old Pond 5lbs pike, opposite fishing Lodge 10lbs Pike and Jacks, Boats 8 fish the best 15lbs Pike Saturday 24 April 2010 First swims out of open bank fishing very well with good roach, And great bags of Bream up to about 5 Lbs on ledger. Friday 23 April 2010 7Lbs Tench from far Bird Hide Area, Pike from boat 21 takes on lures and dead bait, 17 Fish Landed 3 doubles and best up to 17 Lbs. Thursday 22 April 2010 5 to 6Lb Tench from Balcombe Arm, Good bags of Bream up to about 5lbs. Sunday 28 March 2010 Various pike, largest 25lb, 18.8, 17.5 The 25lb pike caught by Matt Martin from a boat in the vicinity of peg 88 (Balcombe Arm) Saturday 27 March 2010 11 pike various sizes Roach from Mill, Bream from Bird Hide Friday 26 March 2010 20lb 4oz Pike from boat